Financial statements.


Management reporting.

Payroll taxes.

Sales taxes.

Property taxes.

Tax preparation.


Business entity determination.

Polices & procedures.

Software selection & implementation.

Production and work processes.

Employee compensation.

Lease/purchase decisions.

Insurance analysis and bidding.

Business sales decisions.

Litigation support.

Tax planning for...




Limited Liability Partnerships.

Limited Liability Corporations.



Don't go it alone.

Parrish & Bland can provide you with extensive consulting services including choice of entity, accounting software selection and implementation, litigation support, lease/purchase decisions, purchase/sale of a business, written policies and procedures for various industries, work flow consultation, employee retention and compensation plans, insurance analysis and bidding, debt structure and negotiations and other general business consulting. There is never a reason to make an uninformed decision...please call us.

It is always "Tax Time"

Contact Parrish & Bland and we will handle the process of planning, gathering and completing your personal and/or business taxes. No need to waist another minute of your time...just call us.


Next Steps...

This is the easy part, you have made the decision to be more informed... so give us a call, and we will do the rest.