Needs and Dreams

At Parrish & Bland, we respect both: what you need for a healthy business and what you really want from it. Maybe you want to set records, change the world, or just change your industry–or maybe you want to retire early, spend more time with your family or simply enjoy life now.

Those things matter, short- and long-term. That’s why we learn clients’ real goals as well as the ones in their slogans. And we know how to set up companies, books, software, compensation, processes and plans that support what matters most to you and your organization.

Our Approach

The first step starts with bringing over 60 years combined experience to focus on every aspect of your individual and/or business accounting needs. Our goal is to help you make the best and most informed decision, all while providing you personal service.

Meet the Team

Parrish & Bland was established in 2003, with over 60 years combined experience and a staff that is dedicated to customer service.

David L. Bland

Certified Public Accountant

29 years experience in public and private sector.

“I’ve always been a problem solver. That’s what I get excited about.”

Leo G. Parrish III

Certified Public Accountant

29 years experience in the public and private sector and a 2017 Deen Day Smith Service to Mankind Award.

“We can get you the results you want by doing it the right way.”

Next Steps…

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